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"His species needs a warm dark place to hibernate throughout their growth spurt."


You’re Putting What Where?!

So basically Kyungsoo wants to impregnate Kai with a giant worm’s eggs….the worm is named Ralph…..Kai strangely enjoys all of this fuckery but then realizes the true horror of his situation when Kyungsoo leaves him bound with a giant worm inside his intestines.

Does anyone else hate bugs or insects as much as me????? Because if not you’ll truly never consider a worm the same way again after this fic.

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on a mr.mr video?

on a mr.mr video?

when exotics go too far…..

Anonymous ask:
K-fans and A-fans (Asian) they are not crazy as i-fans. Or you count A-fans as i-fans as well??

a fan’s citizenship or ethnicity doesn’t really dictate the fanatic factor, so any fan can be “crazy” no matter the nationality; look at sasaeng fans if you’re doubtful

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Anonymous ask:
When you mean i-fan does it mean white people? ;))

No, i-fan means international fan so any non-Korean nationality

Anonymous ask:
What is that guy you use as your dp called? I remember him having this really weird music video a few months ago with a really catchy song.

If you mean the guy on the side of the blog, that’s Crazyno. :)

What do you guys think of Rania’s T-ae tweeting this photo?



Anonymous ask:
do you hate hate kpop or just the fans?

I think I can speak for both of us here…. We love kpop, we love the music and artists. We both pretty much adore pop, hip hop, indie, etc so of course we love Korean music.

The thing we hate are the ignorant and often insanely fanatic fans. This blog is called wtfkpopfandom so its the really really terrible fans that we dislike.

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"my favorite picture of kris, his smile is just so bright here"

"my favorite picture of kris, his smile is just so bright here"